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Nitex® Industrial Gloves Nitex Glove
These are manufactured from butadiene/acrylonitrile rubber with a knitted 100% cotton lining. The high acrylonitrile content ensures exceptional resistance to hydrocarbon oils and solvents, whilst ensuring durability and comfort. Our technical staff will be pleased to advise on the suitability of these gloves for particular applications.
SeamtiteTM Diving Suit Seals Products
Our diving suit seals have an enviable reputation for performance and comfort. The recent introduction of the SEAMTITETM range, for which patent application has been filed, provides adhesion enhancement and facility that has been very widely welcomed by Dry Suit manufacturers. These seals may be bonded to suits using hot melt adhesives or RF welding, and such bonds are effectively inseperable at normal ambient temperatures. However, the seals may be removed if necessary by local heating of the bonded joints. In the case of solvent based systems, consistent adhesion is obtainable with convensional neoprene based solutions, but where optimum strength is required polyurethane solutions or blends should be used.
Any product can be produced in heavy duty thickness if requested.
Sundry Dipped Products Sundry Dipped Products
We manufacture a wide range of products to meet specific customer requirements. These include rubber tubes, bellows, iso-static moulding bags, instrumentation sleeves and similar items in natural and synthetic rubbers.
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